PTSD Recovery+

Each year, almost 20,000,000 people in the U.S. suffer from PTSD + other symptoms of Trauma but go undiagnosed – and untreated.

PTSD Recovery+ is an app built to help you self-diagnose and treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other Trauma disorders. PTSD Recovery+ is a self-assessment and therapeutic app for the road back. Private. Effective. Always there for you.


First Responders – Veterans – Survivors of Terrorist Attacks & Mass Shootings – Hospital Workers – Construction Workers – Social Workers – Prison System Employees – Domestic Abuse – Assault Victims – Health Traumas – Accidents

and more…

PTSD Recovery+ will include…

  • a groundbreaking self-administered PTSD test for anyone who experienced a traumatic event but was never tested or diagnosed.
  • a science-based behavioral wellness application supported by world renowned therapists, researchers & authors.
  • PTSD and Trauma education for patients and family.
  • tools to identify and log episode triggers.
  • therapeutic exercises to provide comfort and relief.